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Great start to the second half so far, no?

…. “We couldn’t have had a worse start than what we had and we know it,” manager Bruce Bochy said. “To get swept here at home … we’re better than this. There’s no way that should happen. “At this point, we keep fighting and, hopefully, you get ticked off and do something about it.”

Umm, Bruce…. You’re not better than this. This is how good you are. You suck.

…. The entire lineup managed one earned run in five innings against Brett Tomko, a former Giants starter with a 1-7 record and a 6.18 ERA heretofore.

See? You suck. This team you are trotting out there is garbage.

UPDATE: Joe Sheehan agrees with me:

…. Somehow, the idea has taken hold that Brian Sabean isn’t responsible for the state of the Giants, that it’s the need to keep Barry Bonds around that has tied his hands, as if having the only guy in baseball with a .500 OBP (offer not valid at the moment) hamstrings the team and the GM. Barry Bonds is a bargain at his current price, not just for business reasons but for baseball ones. The real problem is that Sabean’s decisions outside of keeping Bonds—especially this past winter—are the reasons why the Giants are awful.

…. Sabean brought in Rich Aurilia to play first base, for reasons passing understanding; he’s at .291 (OBP). He signed Bengie Molina to a three-year deal; he’s at .295. He gave Ray Durham, who’s 2006 screamed “late-career power fluke,” a two-year deal; .320. He signed Dave Roberts to a two-year deal; .304. He brought back Pedro Feliz, who’s just an awful player; .269.

The Giants are lousy because Brian Sabean built a team around Barry Bonds that had almost no choice but to fail. He valued service time more than he did getting on base, and for that, he has a .440 team and a new contract extension.

Yup. Thanks to Jim Adams for the tip.

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