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Speaking of Durham….

He’s that strange, middle of the road player, decent enough hitter, but not decent enough dissertation india to earn a slot at the top of the order. As a #1 hitter, he doesn’t walk enough, as a #2, he doesn’t have enough bat control, 3, 4, 5, not enough power. So, OK, he’s a #6 hitter. Well, so is Feliz, Aurilia, Klesko, and, arguably, Winn. Vizquel has lost too much to be at the top of the order as well, in fact, he’s lost so much, he’s playing his way out of the game, right now, as is Dave Roberts. Aurilia does essentially nothing well, Klesko is getting on, but has no power anymore. So where does that leave us?

Aurilia would be an adequate backup infielder, Vizquel could be an infield glove and a sacrifice guy off the bench. Klesko already is a backup everything, as is Feliz, although, like Durham, he would be just good enough on a real team. Molina’s fine, Bonds is fine, Roberts is what he was for the Red Sox, a defensive replacement for Manny Ramirez and a guy who could steal you a base. As an everyday player, well, you can see the results, (which I predicted, by the way). If Winn was the third outfielder for a real team, fine, as the third outfielder on the Giants, he hits WAY too many singles, (actually, that’s true for just about everyone on the roster other than Superman).

So, you’ve got a terrific cleanup hitter in Bonds, a decent #5 in Molina, a decent #6 in Durham, a decent #7 in Feliz, and a pretty good #8 in Winn. We need a leadoff hitter that actually gets on base, a #2 who can avoid the GDIP and actually move a runner every once in a while, and a banger to hit third in front of Bonds (like Magglio Ordonez, who was available for a song two seasons ago, and now is more likely to play for the Martians than the Giants. That would be enough for this team to play .550 for the rest of the season, which would not be enough, and we would have to mortgage the future to get it.

Management put this team together, these are the players they went out and got. Sabean, Magowan, Baer, Tidrow, you can run any name you want out there. This team is a disgrace. In today’s information age, with the internet, and all of the information needed to make the right decisions to build a roster right out there, free and available; this group of idiots built this pile of medocrity. The lot of them should be gone.

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