…. Bitter pill

Gwen Knapp seems happy to let us know that she thinks Bonds’ career will end badly:

…. If some misguided general manager has Sabean on speed-dial and offers to give up a great young prospect while absorbing $8 million of Bonds’ salary, then Sabean will play a role in the decision. It will be a cameo. He will forward the message.

The other general manager will be drug-tested.

…. In September, if we’re to believe the core of Sabean’s remarks, Bonds could play his last game here with a bunch of Triple-A call-ups, finishing off a punted season amid players he barely knows. He will never get that World Series ring, and he will no longer enjoy the heavily advertised, unprecedented camaraderie he has experienced with his mates of the last two years.

Knapp — who has been covering the Giants for a decade, and never once thought Bonds was an issue until Verducci and Lupica told her he was — again can’t stop herself from taking pot shots at Bonds. It’s a running joke, every single article or column written about him has to have some reference to the fact that the whole sportswriting world believes he cheated, that he’s a baseball pariah, valueless, a problem child, and, as always, an asshole.

Of course, the fact that he’s getting on base in half of his plate appearances, that he’s in the top ten in NL home runs even though he’s still seeing about three pitches a game; that he’s still treated like the most dangerous player in the game at 42 years old…. All of that isn’t worth writing about. No, what we need to be told, over and over and over, what we can never let the fans forget, is what a motherfucker he really is, what a cancer on the world of sports he has become.

Thanks to writers like Gwen, who have done so much work exposing the horror that is Barry Bonds. Thanks for revealing all of the important insider information that only a beat writer could have access to, the things we need to know in order to make up our minds about who to root for, who is a good player; a valuable asset to a team, a good guy; and most importantly, who’ll save the children.

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