…. Fire Coughlin Now

Let’s talk football for a second, here. In point of fact, let’s talk NY Giants football. Let’s talk about the worst loss in franchise history, as the Giants went down 24-21, blowing a 21-0 lead with 9:32 left in the fourth quarter. Let’s talk about a team that continues to be one of the most un-disciplined and poorly coached teams in the entire league. Even during their five-game winning streak, the Giants continued to be plagued by turnovers, stupid, stupid penalties, and in game management decisions that, quite frankly, boggle the mind. Now that they’ve faced some real teams, we see them stumbling right back into the team that was down 42-3 to the Seahawks.

Eli Manning may be the real deal one day, but right now, he’s one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. For the third game in a row, the Giants called a swing pass to Tiki Barber on the first play of the game, and for the third game in the row, Manning threw it into the ground in front of Barber’s feet. Do I have to mention that we’re talking about one of the easiest plays for a QB to make, or that the Giants script their first twenty plays or so, so it was also a play that Manning has practiced probably fifty times this week, (not to mention the previous two weeks).

The two fourth quarter picks he threw today were horrible, terrible plays, each repulsive in it’s own way. The first, an overthrown go route, –speaking of overthrows, I couldn’t believe the announcers talking about the receivers dropping passes on him last week, when he was barely able to keep his throws within a five to ten yard circle around where the receivers were– was disgusting for the way Burress first gave up on trying to catch the ball, and then gave up on attempting to defend the pass, and then gave up on trying to tackle Jones. Really, truly unprofessional behavior by a supposed team leader, a guy who is one of the highest paid players on the team.

The second pick was just one more terrible decision in a season of terrible decisions by Manning, a throw into coverage, (Pacman Jones, just their best DB) at a time in the game when a turnover simply cannot be made; 30 seconds left, at midfield, in a tie game where they have all the momentum. Simply indefensible mental mistake.

Speaking of indefensible mental mistakes, how about the late hit on Young, fourth and 9, (8 minutes left, Giants up 21 points), as Young was running out of bounds short of the first down. The Giants have been called for that kind of game-turning penalty about ten times this season, something that also reflects terribly on Mr.Task-master. Key holding penalties, false starts, personal fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct…. On and on, one after another, game after game.

Speaking of decision-making, how do you like that Kiawanuka sack/no-sack play? Wow.

How can a team overcome the enormous stream of mental mistakes this team is guilty of? They cannot. The Giants win in spite of Coughlin, not because of him. We never hear or read or talk about how Coughlins game plan was the difference. The only thing you ever hear positive about his coaching is how he helped Tiki stop funmbling. Great.

Meanwhile, the players keep making the same mistakes over and over, game after game. They keep making critical, game-changing mental errors. How can Manning’s mechanics fall apart as the season goes on, two years in a row? Coaching, that’s how? It is coaching, it is Coughlin. What he coaches theses players to do, what he and his coaches talk about and prepare for and consider important, the bullet points and fines and 5-minute early clocks and nit-picking, bullshit things that Coughlin focuses on; that is why these players play so fucking stupid, game after game after game. Stupid play comes from stupid coaching. When your team makes the same stupid plays, again and again, like this team has for going on three seasons now, you have to look at the top. Kill the brain. Fire Coughlin. Now. Not at the end of the season. You cannot allow him to run this team for another minute. You simply cannot.

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