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…. Outrage?

Where’s the outrage when unbelievable horseshit signings like this and this are occuring? Matthews gets 5-years, $50 million, and Pierre gets 5-years, $45 million? These are two players who could hardly be described as stars, two players who are 30-somethings, one coming off a career year, the other at what will almost certainly be the beginning of the end of his effectiveness, and they’re getting bank-busting deals like these?

The Red Sox come up with $51 million for the rights to negotiate with the newest Japanese defector? Soriano gets $136 million? Ramirez gets $75 million for 5 years? I want to hear Selig tell us about how small market teams can’t compete, or how only the Yankees can pay for top-flight talent in today’s world. There can be no doubt that there is plenty, and I mean plenty of money flowing in MLB right now.

And, once again, it is clear that intelligent, reasoned and accurate understanding of player value is known to but a few members of the baseball establishment. As El Lefty Malo said, the best news for Giants fans during this early free-agent signing-fest, is that Sabean is sitting on his hands. I mean, if Ramirez gets $12.5 million per, what’s Bonds worth?

David Pinto has some of the same concerns I do:

…. Just how smart do the Cardinals look right now? In February 2004 they sign Albert Pujols to a seven-year, $100 million dollar contract. Otherwise, he’d be a free agent right now. Can you imagine what kind of money Albert would command in this class? Ten years, $300 million?

This is lunacy. It wasn’t four months ago that everyone was saying how only the Yankees could afford Bobby Abreau. It was just last off-season that we were reading that only the Yankees could afford to sign Johnny Damon. Obviously, that’s not true. Well, Gary Matthews Jr. just got more money than Damon did last season; and he’s, what, about half the player Damon is? Seriously, Aramis Ramirez is costing the Cubs a hair less than A-Rod is costing the Yanks.

Has everyone lost their minds?

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