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I feel the same way +mia does, I haven’t cared very much about this team for most of the last two seasons. The constant carping about the evil Bonds, not to mention his transformation into Moises Alou, the disgraceful mishandling of the farm system, watching one team after another bring up exciting, young hitters, while we get one career minor leaguer after another, each with almost identical faults and weaknesses, “veteran” players with little to offer other than their history of mediocrity…. Ugh.

It’s time for a spark, for some kind of shakeup. Girardi would be a big leap; a young, edgy, FNG. Getting him some talent would help. Save the $28 million we spent on Bonds and Schmidt this year, and go get some real players. A real hitter at first base, (for the first time since I’ve been a Giants fan, wow what a concept!) a couple of young, speedy outfielders, real, quality relief pitchers; these kinds of changes would move us towards contending. Here’s a guy who would go a long way to making that kind of impact, right, Kent?

I’d also like to raise the question of what has Righetti done to earn the kind of job security he seems to have? Why not try to lure Krukow out of the booth? A stretch? Sure. But what have we got to lose here, really?

2006 4.63 ERA
2005 4.33 ERA
2004 4.29 ERA
2003 3.73 ERA
2002 3.54 ERA

Anyone else see a trend here? Remember when Pacbell opened? It was widely heralded as a pitchers park. In 2001, Bonds, by himself, out-homered every other left-handed hitter that played here, combined. Here’s how our staff has done in the new digs since then:

2006 4.35 ERA
2005 4.22 ERA
2004 4.40 ERA
2003 3.31 ERA
2002 3.03 ERA

And this is by design, by the way. Sabean decided which pitchers to trade, who to re-sign, who to go out and get. He gets grilled, (at least here, he does), and rightly so. So how does a pitching coach avoid criticism of any kind while overseeing this kind of decline? How does he not get invited to find his way out the door along with his manager? I have no idea.

It’s time for a big change. This is an old, stale team. We need youth, speed, glovework. We need a talent infusion, big-time. We need a game-changer, an attitude adjustment. One can only hope that our brain trust sees the same need.

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