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As in, someone else’s, not mine. Here’s a Dodgers fan:


If you will let a Dodger fan in here, let me admit that it is a no-brainer that the Giants are going to win the NL West. You can imagine how painful that is for me to say. However, I don’t let my passion for my team overrule my analysis – which you, sir, are guilty of, in spades.

The Giants have the best starting rotation in all of baseball. Schmidt, Lowry, Cain, Hennessey, Morris. Better than the White Sox, the Tigers, the Twins, you name it. Your ludicrous analysis – “The Giants are in last place, and that’s where they are going to stay” – has already been proven wrong. You let your emotions carry the day.

The Giants have just enough offense, combined with their talented rotation, to carry them all the way. The other front-runners, the Mets, the Yankees, the aforementioned teams, are ripe for the taking in a series.

You pretend to have expert knowledge about matters baseball, yet you somehow have minimized the terrific asset that SF has in their starting rotation. Even when their starting rotation struggled earlier in the season, a dispassionate observer could see the signs of greatness, given an opportunity at establishing something resembling consistency.

I guess you missed the lesson on how important the starting rotation is in baseball. As a fan that enjoyed World Series championships on nothing more than Koufax, Drysdale, and a wing and a prayer, let me give you my prediction –

2006 World Series Champions – the San Francisco Giants.

Put this on your blog in August, so the dim and the depressed can holler and shout, and then put it back up in October to acknowledge my prescience.

Robert Chapman

With all due respect, Dodger-boy, the Giants have, perhaps, the 9th or 10th best starting staff in the game, according to what they’ve actually done. Low strikeout totals, lots of walks, age and inconsistency are only a few of the reasons why you’re wrong. Of course, don’t let my “expert” opinion be the only one you consider. You could look at those funny little numbery things called “statistics.”

Just in the NL, the Giants starters have allowed the fifth fewest runs, rank 9th in strikeouts, have allowed the third highest total of walks, rank 12th in K/BB, and 12th in K/9IP. And that’s just in the NL. In their defense, they have the lowest OPS against, and rank second in WHIP. No matter.

Cain is just as likely to become Kerry Woods as he is to become even as good as Jason Schmidt. Lowry and Hennessey have to run off a nice 50 start stretch of something resembling consistency before you could consider them a dependable 3rd and 4th starter, and Schmidt looks like he’s coming to the last big payday, one that he won’t earn. And then there’s Morris, who owes the Giants two 20 win seasons to make up for his horrible first season.

Best rotation in the game? Please. They’re good, sure. They don’t strike enough guys out, and that’s why their perpherals don’t add up. They are in no way an elite staff.

As for the World Series….. well, I’ll be cheering them the whole way, but at this site, I don’t engage in fan favoritism, or unrealistic views of the team. I am negative because the negatives outweigh the positives with this team, at this point in time.

Thanks for the email.

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