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It surprises me that there was no post today about The Chronicle reporters being forced to testify. Come on, these are the guys who brought the whole shitstorm down on your man-crush Bonds, and you’re not even gonna mention one little blurb about it. Aren’t you happy, John?

According to you, it’s people like these two guys that have blown this whole steroid thing way out of proportion. Guys like these that have only tarnished the game with their self-serving diatribes about steroids and baseball, and now they will probably go to jail. You should be celebrating John.

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This has gotta be like Christmas in August for you.

What’s really sad though, is that the two guys who helped expose the truth about that Giant lying cheater, and the other lesser lying cheaters throughout the game, will probably spend the next two months in jail, barring some unforeseen court ruling, while the Giant Barroid himself, the lying cheater to trump all lying cheaters still gets to march his old weak body out onto the field to chase a record that he has no right even being near; and the whole time his team continues to lose and lose and lose. It’s a sad state of affairs out there on the West Coast. Cheers.


Well, I was busy this morning, Tim. ;-)

Actually, you’re wrong, I see no reason to celebrate. This whole GJ bullshit should be over already. In a world with unimaginably more important issues for our government to concern themselves with, the millions of dollars and years of manpower have been thrown away trying to find a way to get at a guy that some IRS agent didn’t like, to what end? Conte spent, what, six months in jail for his heinous crimes? Anderson’s likely to spend more time in jail for contempt of court than he did for his role in the BALCO scandal. Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Doesn’t it make you wonder, just a bit, what exactly the fuss is all about?

Bonds is, in fact, being singled out and persecuted far beyond anything you or I would be. For you not see that is a clear indication that you have no idea what the hell is going on in the first place.

As for these two reporters, I could care less whether they testify or not. Did they break the law? Yes. It works for you to condemn Barry, right? He broke the law, he cheated, so he should be put in jail, kicked out of baseball, stripped of his records…. It’s simple, right? Just like the way you look at the world.

You write like you have some magic access to the TRUTH about the “way that it is” that the rest of us can only hope to one day attain. Only someone committed to being blind to the realities of professional baseball could imagine a world where he could see things so black and white. Thanks for stopping by.

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