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I’d like to make a quick point regards Timothy’s last (much more reasoned and calm) comment:

…. Obviously this witch hunt on Bonds is ridiculous. Bonds doesn’t deserve to be indicted no more than I deserve to be indicted for all those beers I drank when I was underage. It is pretty stupid that the government is making such a huge deal about Bonds.

My opinion, however, is that Bonds is a cheater. If he would just retire, there would be no witch hunt. I don’t claim to know everything. But I think one would have to be pretty dumb to not admit that the majority of signs point to the fact that Bonds took steroids. And he did not just take steroids, he abused them. Look at his head. You dont jump up two hat sizes in a year at the age of 35. Sorry, it just doesnt happen. Bonds is a fantastic player. By chasing this home run record, he is making a mockery of the record to begin with.

I’m going to ignore the ignorant comment about Barry’s head, and focus on the issue of the home run record. What Timothy’s saying, and I’ve heard this pretty much everywhere, is that Bonds should just give up, retire from baseball, and we’d all let him be. That is absurd, almost to the point of being the kind of thing a child would believe. Barry will find himself at the center of a shitstorm until the mainstream media and the US government (or should I say, IRS Agent Novitsky) end the vendetta against him. Until that happens, Bonds has no incentive to retire, there is no “win” for him if he walks away.

In fact, his only way to “win” at all involves sticking it to everyone who is rooting for him to fail, to be indicted, to get injured again. For Bonds, the only thing to do is continue to try and get back to the World Series, and to try and catch Aaron.

I’d also like to note that Timothy’s tired refrain that Bonds is a cheater, that he’s “making a mockery” of the game also falls into the “provably false” folder. Baseball had NO drug poilcy prior to 2002, so regardless of whether you think using PED’s is wrong or not, it wasn’t against the rules of the game to do so. In point of fact, amphetamine use was rampant for going on four decades, and everyone knows that virtually everyone used them. So, Aaron, Mays, McCovey, Frank -fucking- Robinson and Bob Gibson can all shove it up their asses. They used speed, WE KNOW THEY DID, and so whatever “records” they and fans like Timothy think they are protecting against being mocked are just as suspect as anything Bonds or McGwire did, (who absolutely competed against plenty of pitchers who were using too).

You don’t get to say one thing is worse than another because it suits your bias, Lupica. Baseball did nothing, absolutely nothing about the use of PED’s for four decades. Focusing on Bonds because he’s a dick is called prejudice, it’s only barely less offensive than focusing on him because he’s black.

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