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So now, after all this time, after all these leaks, all these smears, all these news stories about “mountains of evidence,” all these witnesses, of almost three full years of suspicion, hearsay, innuendo, horsehit and hand grenades…. after ALL OF THAT!!!, the government still doesn’t have enough to indict Attilla the Bonds?!?! Are you kidding me? I’m supposed to believe that there is still a reason to continue this long, drawn out, charade?

Everyone involved in this endless parade of ineptitude should be ashamed, humiliated, and removed from whatever position of power and authority they hold. Every lawyer, politician, self-appointed Mahatma, every every single member of the media who had the audacity to suggest that the testimony of jilted hangers-on should be treated as “newsworthy,” every indignant asshole baseball player from the 1960′s, every one of you baseball “fans” who have actively campaigned to discredit and demean Barry Bonds based on the belief that his wrongdoing was “proven” in a United States court OF LAW…. every single one of you should choke on the humble pie you won’t even acknowledge eating right now.

But NO-O-O-O!!!! You’ll take solace in the fact that you aren’t alone in your single-minded, tiny-minded righteousness; that you’ll make sure we eat our spinach, clean our plates, brush our teeth, and mind our manners, because you’re surely revelling in the knowledge that your government bean-counters, not satisfied (just like you are) with the FACT that the grand jury did not indict Bonds; has let you know, via virtually every single news report, that they are there to reassure all of us that they will not abandon their effort to distract us and wantonly waste our money.

…. The United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California is not seeking an indictment today in connection with the ongoing steroids-related investigation,” Luke Macauley, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office in San Francisco, said in a statement.

“Much has been accomplished to date, and we will continue to move forward actively in this investigation – including continuing to seek the truthful testimony of witnesses whose testimony the grand jury is entitled to hear,” he said.

It was widely expected that Bonds would be indicted today, after two-and-a-half years of dismissing his connections to the BALCO steroid trafficking case.

Well, yeah, if by, “it was widely expected,” you mean, it was widely expected by people who were being paid to say so, then, yeah, I see what you mean. Because, in the world I live in, (aka, actual life), no “reasonable” person would have expected “reasonable” people, charged with actually administering “real” law to “real” citizens would have indicted Bonds based on “what some fucking guy said.” Not after listening to TWO FUCKING YEARS OF EMPTY, HEARSAY, BULLSHIT TESTIMONY.

Here’s another tidbit in that same story:

…. It is unclear if Major League Baseball will suspend Bonds, who is second on the all-time home run list to Hank Aaron with 721 homers, if he is eventually indicted. MLB officials have looked into the possibility of a suspension, but sources said commissioner Bud Selig had not made a decision . According to numerous sources, Selig would love to be rid of Bonds, especially as Bonds chases the home run record of Selig’s friend, Aaron.

Selig’s anger isn’t just a result of the embarrassment Bonds has been to the game since he was connected with BALCO in 2003. After steroid allegations first emerged about Bonds, Selig asked him to tell him everything there was to know. If there is more to this and you don’t tell me, Selig told Bonds, then I’ll come down hard on you, sources have told the Daily News.

Bonds apparently told Selig there was nothing else to say. When the book “Game of Shadows” was released earlier this year and suggested there was much more to Bonds’ story, Selig decided to make good on his threat.

“If there is more to this…. I’ll come down hard on you.” I’LL COME DOWN HARD ON YOU????

Selig said that? Really!? REALLY????? He’s done absolutely nothing while the Bonds situation has raged, like an apocalyptic inferno for going on four years. NOTHING!!!!! “I’ll come down hard on you?!?” Is that what he really said?

Well, that’s just great timing for it to come out now. Phew. Good thing Selig threatened him.

What a farce. It would be funny if there weren’t about a thousand things more important for our government officials to be spending our money on.

UPDATE: Lupica can’t believe it either:

…. Baseball lost yesterday because the longer the government takes to make a real case against Bonds, the more people actually will start to think he is some kind of victim here, a victim instead of the drug cheat he is alleged to be.

…. Mark Geragos (Greg Anderson’s Lawyer) is a big talker. Maybe he has convinced Anderson, not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, that in the glamorous world of supplying juice to baseball players, he is now the closest possible thing to Nelson Mandela. A political prisoner practically!

For a while, Barry Bonds had a dreadful reality series on ESPN. It is blessedly canceled now. Somehow, though, the reality series goes on. It stars feds who sometimes act like they need to take something that might enhance their own performance. It stars Bonds himself, snarling reporters away from his locker these days if they aren’t there to ask him baseball questions. It stars a muscled-up gym rat like Greg Anderson. Anderson no longer has the run of the San Francisco Giants clubhouse, but is still the same kind of pathetic hanger-on that he always was, feeling more important than ever as he may be the only thing standing between Bonds and the law.

Always remember that the guy Mark Geragos wants to portray now as some kind of all-time standup guy was originally sent to jail for steroid distribution.

Yeah, I’ll give you something for you to “always remember.”

Always remember that if Bonds was the kind of stand-up guy Lupica and his pals pine for, like say, Tony Gwynn, or Don Mattingly, he’d be writing what I’ve been writing for most of the last four years, that this is the worst kind of witch hunt, the most disgraceful vendetta since Kenneth Starr. Always remember that life is as much a popularity contest as anything else, and this is as big a popularity contest as anything you’ve ever seen.

Only in the land of the blind could a show like this go on and on, a never ending, Kafka-esque ordeal. Only in the land of the blind could a failed investigation –failed after 3 years of threats, wire-taps, witness testimony and tens of thousands of pages of GJ stenography– be allowed to continue flailing along in hopes of maybe convincing another, different group of men and women; and then celebrated for their rightness.

Fair? Reasonable? Laughable is more like it. In this country, you are supposed to be exempt from this kind of targeted, biased, persecution. There are supposed to be limits on what the government can do in it’s efforts to defame a citizen.

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