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Barry Bonds’ life is unraveling, as the feds zero in on the one thing he won’t be able to get out from under, under-reporting income. The NY Daily News, (and virtually every one else) is reporting that Bonds’ former memorabilia dealer pal, Steve Hoskins, has emerged as a key figure in their efforts to indict the slugger. Hoskins has or will testify that Bonds told him he was using steroids, hearsay, for sure, but certainly one more nail in Bonds’ proverbial coffin.

The NY Times’ Murray Chass speculates on whether Seligula has grounds to suspend Bonds:

…. The immediate question, though, isnít Bondsís guilt or innocence. Itís whether Commissioner Bud Selig will take disciplinary action against Bonds if he is indicted on charges of perjury, tax evasion, money laundering, evading banking laws or anything else.

Selig has repeatedly refused to discuss Bonds, most recently in Pittsburgh the day before the All-Star Game at a meeting with baseball writers.

But an official in the commissionerís office, granted anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the situation, said the commissioner was torn in his considerations of the matter. One minute, Selig is prepared to suspend Bonds; the next, he changes his mind.

Selig could use an alternative plan. He could induce the Giants to pressure Bonds to step aside while continuing to be paid, so he could concentrate on the preparation of his defense. Thatís often an approach used in the corporate world.

I know I’ve argued, repeatedly, that Bonds using or not using steroids is hardly the crime everyone is making it out to be, and disregarding the fact that dodging the IRS is virtually a sport in the United States; there is no question that Bonds’ situation is spiraling out of control.

He apparently trusts no one, his team of handlers and lawyers have been rendered speechless, (more importantly, nothing they say could possibly make a difference in the face of such an overwhelmingly negative media shitstorm anyway), and he is perhaps the most vilified and hunted athlete in recent memory, if not all time. For crying out loud, OJ was indicted for murder! Bonds is getting far worse treatment, and the most disturbing aspect of this whole situation is being ignored:

Barry Bonds’ life is being destroyed because IRS agent Jeff Novitzky thought he was an asshole.

Do you understand that? Do you even begin to grasp the ramifications inherent in such a tragedy? Kenneth Starr has nothing on Novitzky, and everyone should be far more concerned about this enormous abuse of government power than they are, or even seem to notice. If the force of the US government can be focused on any individual by dint of some real or perceived snub or offense, then we’re all in deep, deep trouble.

It should also be mentioned that our goverment is spending years of energy, resources and manpower investigating a baseball player while monopolistic corporations rape, pillage and destroy our country and most of the rest of the earth unimpeded.

But, hey, Bonds is an asshole, right?

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