…. Sick and tired

I am. Sick and tired. Sick and tired by all the anti-Barry crap. Sick and tired of the endless “in the old days, so and so was a true gentleman,” or some other version of that horseshit about Aaron, or Mays or Ruth or whoever. Sick and tired of the sanctimonious, the righteous, the “God save the children’s”. For crying’ out loud…. Let. It. Go.

In as simple a way as possible, Stick & Ball Guy reminds everyone what so many seem to have forgotten:

Superstar athletes are human beings.

Some are assholes.

Some aren’t.

Some are great people.

Some aren’t.

Ruth wasn’t the devil. He also wasn’t the nicest guy in the world. He was a huge drinker, at a time when alcohol was about as legal as steroids are today. He was a womanizer, cheating on his wife constantly. He was a glutton, a problem in the clubhouse (he and Gehrig famously didn’t speak for years), he was considered, at best, a pain in the ass, by every team he played for. To suggest that Ruth, Aaron, or Mays or whoever was somehow exempt from being a human being borders on ignorance at the highest level. No hero is without flaw, as none of us are.

Reading this telling us what Bonds’ legacy will be, is a clear and depressing reflection of how far our journalistic standards have fallen, (And I know we’re talking about a sports journalist. Ten or fifteen years ago, SI wouldn’t have printed a piece like this on toilet paper.)

In the meantime, the greatest player of our generation has to go to media school so that he can come across as a nice guy for the media:

…. Bonds said it would hurt if, after he is done playing, an asterisk was put next to his records.

“It would hurt. I would be disappointed,” he said. He also said he didn’t know if that would happen but in his heart he believes it will happen.

However, he told Gray that he doesn’t believe Major League Baseball is attacking him personally by investigating steroid use; he thinks baseball is doing what is best for baseball by looking at the whole period.

Bonds talked a lot about how he’s trying to change and be a happier person. He’s working hard to react better to questions that he considers stabbing. He said he wants to be liked.

Yeah, I would too, if every single day, another sports report came out telling the world what a dick I was; regardless of whether I was or not. See, that’s the part no Bonds attacker wants to confront:

It doesn’t matter anymore if he is or isn’t; if he did or didn’t. The shameless personal attacks, the singling him out, how Verducci has conveniently forgotten his thousands of words telling us how “everyone’s using steroids” ….. What an embarassing chapter in baseball’s history. You want to blame Bonds for this? Please. Blame SI. Blame ESPN. Blame Lupica and his friends. Blame Selig. Blame everyone, before you try and tell me it’s all on Barry. Interesting how the media didn’t go after McGwire (or Sosa, for that matter) until after he wasn’t in front of them every day. Then again, he was a great clubhouse guy, right?

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