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Jim Adams is mad about the state of the Giants pitching staff, and he doesn’t care who knows it:

…. It also doesn’t bother me that the Giants have allowed more runs than any NL team, despite having spent the last three years bragging about all their great pitching prospects, and that they play in a good pitchers’ park, and that they spent $21 million on a “proven closer” (Benitez) after 2004, and that they brought in a gold glove catcher and a gold glove shortstop after 2004, and that they traded away two prospects for a “proven setup man” (Hawkins) during the 2005 season, and that they spent $27 million on a “proven frontline starter” (Morris) after 2005.

No, what really bothers me is that all this can happen and no one loses his job – not the manager, not the general manager, not the pitching coach, not the director of the farm system, not the minor league pitching coaches. How can you devote so many resources to preventing runs, and then fail to hold anyone accountable when you fail miserably at what you were trying to accomplish? Can anyone explain this to me?

I can’t. Sabean is on about the same pace Bonds is right now, something like 1 for his last 20 when it comes to making deals to improve the team. Old, older and oldest are the only adjectives anyone uses to describe this team anymore, other than medicore. Personality disputes were allowed to be more important than winning, and a championship caliber team was broken up, a championship caliber manager was thrown away, and so was any real chance to win a title.

How many different ways can a team screw up? It’s not like they didn’t spend money. They spent reams, millions upon millions of dollars virtually donated to players who did little more than show up and be “good citizens” to cash their paychecks. For years, I complained about the horrible, albatross of a contract JT Snow’s agent had bamboozled Sabean into. Sabean couldn’t wait five minutes to throw the same kind of money away on Alfonzo. Develop pitchers? How can you develop pitchers without draft picks? No team, NO TEAM can win a title without developing front-line talent.

The Giants have, what, two front-line players on the team that they’ve developed? Lowry and Feliz. And Feliz just went 20 for 30 to raise his average to .270. As Jim has pointed out before, Feliz is older than A-Rod. ’nuff said.

I asked for accountability each of the last three seasons as the team has come out of spring training in a coma. Is there a plan? Sure. Avoid paying money to draft picks and pick up “veterans” off the scrap heap untile your team degrades into an overpaid collection of Crash Davis look-alikes. That’s what we’ve got.

Coaching? Schmidt has had problems with his velocity for most of the last two seasons. Anyone know why? Two years, and Righetti and the rest of these clowns can’t fix it. Cain comes out of Fresno after, what, three seasons, and looks like this? Thank God Matheny saves 100 runs a season, because otherwise we’d be looking at 100 losses.

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