…. Stumble, bumble, fumble and glum

The Giants are 14-14 after yesterday’s 8-4 loss to the Brewers. The whole league seems to be batting .400 with 80 home runs and ten thousand RBI, but the Giants boast one of the weakest lineups this side of Triple AAA. Of course, who really expected it to be different?

Matheny, Feliz, Neikro, Vizcaino, Sweeney, and Vizquel are all the same player. Ray Durham spends all of his time in one of three places; the DL, months-long slumps, or 20 game-hitting streaks. He’s now in the midst his third consecutive slow start, and that, along with Bonds’ inability to get back to normal, Steve Finley hitting like a 40-year old, and Moises Alou breaking down again, and you’re looking at one of the worst offenses in the entire league. That Sabean and Magowan could sit down and decide that these are the players they want, with all of the good, young players out there, is beyond belief.

And, yes, I’ve heard about Sabean tapping an unwanted resource, these old/older players. This team has taken that approach to its absurd conclusion. Every day it seems we hear about another record; oldest starting outfield, oldest infield, oldest lineup, oldest this, oldest that. How about best? Best catcher, best right fielder, best infield? Best #2 hitter, best lineup? El Lefty Malo put it best when he said that the Giants have four #8 hitters in their lineup every day. I’m supposed to believe that this team can compete with the Cardinals or the Mets or the Astros? In what universe?

Ahhhh…. I knew this coming in. From the end of the 2002 World Series through today, the Giants have gotten worse and worse, position by position. Randy Winn and Jason Schmidt represent the two deals Sabean has pulled off since ’02 that have worked. I don’t have the time to complain about the $70 million dollars he wasted on Alfonzo, Neifi, Reuter’s extension, JT Snow, Double Play AJ. How about Armando Benitez, well on his way to becoming a $27 million dollar garbage can. Could a little research into his workout habits have given us some indication that he was another Livan, working on burritos instead of weights?

Where is the silver lining for this team right now? It’s pretty obvious that if Bonds does start hitting again, teams will not let him beat them. And why should they, with Mark Sweeney batting fifth?

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