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Last May, I attended a press screening for the movie Up for Grabs. It was a terrific movie that I laughed my way through. For a Giants fan, it has to be considered a can’t miss hit. Here’s what I said last year:

…. In a way, some of the highlights made me feel a little sad, because that energy and excitement is somewhat diminished. The constant carping and moralizing by announcers, talking heads, sportswriters and the dummies we voted into Congress about how steroids has ruined the game, how these great ball players have ruined our lives and dashed our hopes….. You know, for me, it’s not these ballplayers who’ve ruined it. It’s all the moralizing and demonizing and finger-pointing…. it’s the ruinous, irresponsible innuendo and speculation that’s really hurt the game.

When you see Up for Grabs, you’ll remember. You’ll remember what these players gave us. You’ll remember how it felt to be there when they did it. I was there for about ten Bonds home runs in 2001, (including, I think, number 57). I remember. I was there for Bonds’ 660th (actually, it was his 600th). These were magical, incredible, amazing moments in sports history. Watching Bonds hit #73 literally brought tears to my eyes, made me shiver. I watched McGwire hit his 62nd home run, watched him hug everybody in sight. Watched him skip around the bases like a little boy, high-fiving the Cubs players as he rounded the bases, and the Cardinal fans go absolutely berserk. Magical. I’ll never forget it. McGwire doesn’t owe me an apology. He doesn’t owe me a Goddamn thing. I owe him. I owe Bonds.

Now he’s a cheat, Bonds is a cheat? They hurt me? Ruined baseball for me? Verducci is ruining baseball. Bill Madden telling me that he’s gonna make sure that McGwire’s name goes down in infamy, he’s ruining the game.

Mike Wrankovics, the man who made the film, has sent me an email telling me that you can see it tonight, 11pm, on Spike TV. I don’t get Spike TV, but you might. Check it out if you can.

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