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It’s really amazing to me that some of the people who are writing comments are still reading my work. Palinurus, why are you still coming here? And how can you imagine that your anonymous and snide remarks carry any weight or act as any type of critique of what I am trying to say? Here’s your pal, Lou, missing my points as completely as you have:

Weary of continuing his indefensible insistence that Bonds didn’t use steroids or cheat and that Bonds’s critics are either bigots or mooncalves being led around by their noses by Mike Lupica, Perricone has now moved on to suggesting that competitive sports should legalize the use of harmful but performance-enhancing drugs because athletes will always look for ways to get a competitive edge (so what’s the use trying to stop ‘em, right?). While we’re at it, let’s allow boxers to get steel plates inserted beneath the skin covering their skulls so it will be harder to knock ‘em out. Let’s allow basketball players to wear leg extenders so they can block more shots. The possibilities are limitless.

Let’s see…. I have never, ever written the words; “Bonds never used steroids.” Ever. I have never used the race card in defending Bonds, although I have posted comments that my readers have written that have included such an argument.

I have suggested that controlled, medically supervised use of PED’s would probably be a better way to handle the complex realities of today’s athletic world; as opposed to the Orwellian efforts being undertaken by organizations like WADA. I have challenged anyone, anywhere to send me to the studies that prove that the use of any kind of steroids are harmful, something that the US Government’s own anti-steroids website does not do, by the way. A challenge that has never even been attempted, I might add. Are you up to that challenge, Lou? Or are you just another blowhard trying to be funny in the dark, hidden from scrutiny?

As for “what’s the use of stopping them,” well, no one’s doing that now, obviously. Using punitive measures to control the actions of individuals has never worked, and likely never will. Continuing Lou’s absurd premise, that “stopping them” be our goal, I’d suggest that the only way to do that would be to have them live in a completely enclosed world, under constant supervision, and living with virtually no privacy or rights as individuals at all; the absurd conclusion of all of these, “make ‘em pee in a cup” ideas.

As for his last comments, regards steel plates and leg extensions; well, there are already numerous surgical procedures in use today that artificially extend an athlete’s career, (for instance, Tommy John surgery), that are, in fact, just incremental steps down the road to surgical enhancement.

And finally, if you think that Lupica, Verducci and the other writers running around screaming about the sky falling aren’t leading you around by your nose; how do you explain the recent spate of ridiculous “polls” these media outlets have published, in which they tell us that, lo and behold, their readers agree with what they write.

I’d like to hear you put together an argument for why athletes should give up even more of their rights, with your full, real, name, in a public forum, (sort of like what I have done for most of the last four years). Included in this argument, I’d ask that you come up with a formula for allowing someone else to manage your own life decisions and actions that you would buy into yourself, in your current job, in your current life, (again, as I have done in my writings).

I stand behind my writing and my ideas and my critiques. I post them under my name, with my personal email address available for anyone (including Mike Lupica and the gentlemen who wrote Game of Shadows with whom I have exhanged emails in the past) to write to me directly. I have posted numerous critiques of my ideas and writings, and continue to welcome the writings of my readers and other writers who have taken the time to take on my ideas critically.

To those of you like Palinurus, anonymously calling me names and ridiculing my ideas by taking small, unrelated bits and pieces and then suggesting that I am advocating absurdities, (Is that a straw man you’ve got in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?) I’d suggest you put your name where your mouth is, and put your writings out there for the whole world to swing away at, as I have done. Until you have the guts to do so, you embarass only yourself.

And again, if you think I’m such an asshole, why are you here?

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