…. Backtalk

I wanted to give poor Adam a chance to see what his comments look like out in the open:

…. It’s too bad you’ve taken the talk radio attitude toward people who disagree with you–go away you jerks! If you can’t handle criticism you should make this a closed forum.

Finally, (and I will go away, don’t worry) it’s odd that you crave media recognition, as evidence by how you publicize any quotes about you and this site or any time you’re asked to appear on a radio program, but then you hold yourself up as superior to all real, professional media.

Okay, now you and the cohorts can pile on and call names, because this is now like any other ego-driven blog, run by someone who sees himself as not just better and smarter than most everyone in the media and baseball, but better and smarter than all fans too.

Good luck,


I could hardly be characterized as a media hog, since in the four years I’ve done this I’ve made a splash about once a year. Writers like Alex Belth, who once asked me how to start a blog, and is now writing for SI, not to mention my friend Will Carroll, who goes to the MLB meetings each year, have all surpassed me while I sit at home happily plugging along with my ego-driven tripe.

Have I somehow misrepresented the mass media here? Is there some consistent, rational major sports media outlet covering this story that I have forgotten about? Hardly. Here’s just a couple from today:

The Shadow Knows “…. whatever Gary Sheffield might be, no one thought he was a liar.”

“…. a devastating new book by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams.”

Two Yankees Linked to Balco in Book About Bonds “…. The authors quote a “source familiar with Bonds” who described concerns expressed by Bonds’s father, Bobby, the former major leaguer, about his son’s steroid use.”

Just two of the most respected and widely read sports sections in the United States reporting on this book as if it was filled with all this brand new information. Gee, Sheffield is a liar. Good thing I’ve never lied.

Headlines to sell newspapers, to make a splash on the national front, regardless of factual accuracy or rational thought. The story is three years old now, and everyone (rational) who’s read the book says there’s not one thing in it that’s new.

(Oh, and as an aside, the authors of Game of Shadows must be a lot like me in not being interested in criticism, as they forgot to offer me a complimentary copy for review.)

Here’s another gem of a quote; “A Balco defense lawyer, Troy Ellerman, believed Bonds was lying when he said that he never knowingly took steroids. ” Wow. A lawyer thought Bonds was lying.

Again, I hardly see how I’m the shallow bluster man, while these writers are your heroes.

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