Expectations, Part II

I’m looking pretty hard at the last two pieces I wrote, and I still can’t find the part where I talked about whether steroids were legal or illegal. I also cannot find the part where I suggested that we should ignore the entire situation, or that Bonds should be celebrated for his alleged use of PED’s.

What I am suggesting is that the issue is far more complex and nuanced than a bonehead like Selig could ever come to terms with; that the mass media’s insistence that the future of the sport and our children lie within the grasp of a witch-hunters purvey is a lie.

PED’s are here to stay. You cannot legislate risk. You cannot tell people what they can and cannot do to get the most they desire from life. You cannot. Sitting here and expecting me to accept the party line that this is an issue of such grave importance is a waste of your time, Sean and Adam. If you’re sorry about what you’re reading here, go away.

This is my site, and these are my opinions. You think Lupica’s got the answers, go read Lupica. I disagree with the position that Bonds deserves to be shamed and embarrassed and removed from the game for my good. I disagree with the position that the game of baseball was somehow harmed by Bonds or Sosa or McGwire’s actions. Baseball’s been through worse scandals than great players crossing some arbitrary line towards performance enhancement, and it will get over this.

Yes, I believe that only baseball matters. What happens on the field is what I care most about. I’ll say it again, other than drinking ground up baby’s brains, I could care less what Bonds or Sosa or Giambi do to prepare themselves to play the game. They are the professionals, I believe that it’s up to them. They wanna drink plutonium, GO DRINK PLUTONIUM.

I don’t want Lupica or some jerk-off in Congress telling me how to get ready to do my job, do you? Does anyone? They look the other way when corporations destroy the environment, steal from pension plans, sell arms to both sides of a civil war in a third world country, look the other way while the American people are being ground into dust…. And I’m supposed to get all worked up because today they want to tell me that steroids are bad?

You talk about steroids being illegal like that is supposed to be the end of the argument. In this country, the decision to make one substance legal and another illegal is completely political, and can no longer be reasonably argued to be based on the issue of safety, addiction, or anything other than whether somebody is willing to make money selling it.

What I’m writing is shallow bluster? Please. I’d suggest you read through the volume of material I’ve collected in my steroids and baseball section and see that the shallow bluster is what’s being forced down our throats by the vast majority of the major media outlets.

UPDATE: Here’s some more shallow bluster.

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