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Sorry, but exactly who (or is it whom?) is running Bonds’ management? Because whoever it is deserves to be fired. Whoever decided that there will be a new Barry Bonds reality TV show needs to get together with Drew Rosenhaus and start their own Island of the Misfits talent agency. The last thing Barry Bonds needed heading into this season was more fodder for the mass media, but sure enough, that’s exactly what he’s gonna get.

The story is barely a day old, and I’ve already seen one, two, three separate stories ripping him, and that’s not counting ESPN jumping on him for dropping out of the WBC. Here’s the headline link for this Jayson Stark column:

Barry Bonds’ exit from the World Baseball Classic may be a blow, but Jayson Stark says the bigger issue is the timing of the event.

Reading that header, you’d guess it’s another rip job on Bonds, but no. Bonds’ decision to forego the event is hardly mentioned in the column. And that’s my point. Bonds doesn’t need to be figuring out ways for sportswriters to rip him up. That’s being handled already.

Here’s an idea for the Bonds team: Shut up and play. Stay out of the headlights for a while, at least until you pop a couple into the Cove. Bonds has already established himself as one of the most misunderstood and reviled athletes in the history of sports, (recently being voted GQ’s second most hated athlete, behind only Terrell Owens). Let’s see, Owens destroys his team and their season, and Bonds does….. Exactly what?

What has Bonds done that puts him in the same company as TO? Put the team ahead of himself? Work out religiously for most of the last two decades? Earn 7 MVP awards?

There’s no story as interesting as Bonds is an asshole story, and so it goes. I just can’t believe he would put himself right back in the sights of every jerkoff who thinks himself the conscience of the sports world again, but he did.

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