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OK, OK. I read his stats page wrong.

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He’s only missed major time in two of the last three seasons. He’ll be 41 March 12th of next year, which is to say, he’s four months younger than me, for crying out loud. That’s not much in the way of an argument for his youth, or his health prognosis.

He did have a productive 2004, so alright, he’s an upgrade if he’s healthy. Best we could do, obviously.

As for Finley playing every day, remember that Felipe played Moises something like 50 days in a row when he came back from his early season injury, until he was basically a shell of himself. He played the hell out of Barry in ’04 (145 games), and we saw how that turned out. These thirty and forty-somethings can’t play every day, and saying you’re gonna do it before the season even starts is stupid, sets yourself up for more aggravating issues, and irritates the hell out of me.

Let’s start out straight, then at least we have some chance of staying on the road. Starting out cross-eyed is a recipe for more of what we’ve had the last three seasons, aimless wanderings, countless trips to the DL, and endless four pitcher innings.

As for the Moises at first comment….

Listen, first base is a left-handers position. Going into the season with but one left-handed first baseman (one who’s only started about 100 games there in his whole life, by the way), and two right-handed backups, one who’s a career minor-leaguer and one who’s never played there before…. exactly what kind of recipe for success are we tallking about here?

First base is, in the words of Bill James, the end of the defensive spectrum. Am I supposed to believe that there are no real options anywhere in the baseball world other than the afore-mentioned crap we’re talking about here? Nowhere in anyone’s minor league system exists an inexpensive, moderately experienced, left-handed first-baseman that would play a season for a half a million dollars and not be a complete disaster? Nowhere?! Get real.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got time for. Discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE: Alright already! Finley only missed time last season. I must be smoking crack or something.

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