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The Giants and Anaheim Angels traded problems, as two $7 million dollar men switched leagues. The Giants got Steve Finley, (after some-five years of trying), for the tremedously disappointing Edgardo Alfonzo. The deal saves no money, but it allows Felipe Alou to write Pedro Feliz’s name in as his third baseman pretty much every day. Hopefully the stability will translate into his offense, which was almost non-existent the second-half of 2005.

According the article, Finley’s horror of a 2005 season was due to a shoulder injury, which is supposedly sound, but jeez, I wouldn’t have thought we could have gotten any older.

Of course, Mr. Imagination still thinks he’s an everyday player:

“With his versatility, our goal is to make sure Bonds and Alou play 120 games each, and Steve can play every position. It’s a good problem. With Randy Winn, it gives us four outfielders, and Moises can also play other positions. Our goal is to get [Finley] on the field as much as possible.”

Our goal is to get Finley on the field as much as possible. Amazing. Sabean is completely out of his mind, as he apparently thinks he just signed the Steve Finley of 2000. The Steve Finley he did sign has managed to make it onto the field for just 160 games the last two seasons combined, and 264 the last three. He’s 41 years old, and coming off three consecutive seasons in which he missed major time due to injury.

A real GM would have said something like this:

Steve Finley is a decent outfielder, a veteran presence, and when healthy, a solid fourth man in the outfield rotation. We needed a left-handed bat, and I’ll be happy if he ends up with something in the 350-400 at-bat range. He’d be a renassaince man if he put up 15 HR for that much work.

Instead, we get more Wonka-ville lunacy. By the way, hidden in the above (absurd) quote is the possibility that the Giants intend to get Moises Alou some work at first base. Wow.

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