…. Delusionality

How does John Shea manage to keep his job as a beat reporter covering the Giants? I mean, since he seems to have little to no real knowledge about anything pertaining to baseball. By sporting the company line, of course:

…. The Giants also sent the Orioles cash to help compensate for the difference between the 2006 salaries for Kline ($3 million) and Hawkins ($4.35 million), leaving them the flexibility to fill their other needs, including a starting pitcher, though acquiring Matt Morris appeared less likely.

First of all, how does giving away a million dollars increase the teams flexibility in attempting to rectify their horrible pitching staff? It does no such thing. In fact, what it does is limit a team that is operating under as tight a budget as any in baseball. It also means that Sabean screwed the pooch, and Shea is spin-doctoring like Condoleeza Rice.

I cannot believe that Sabean chose to replace a $3.5 million dollars a year pitcher who struck out 65 guys in 68 innings for a $4.35 million dollar pitcher who struck out 36 guys in 60 innings. Moves like that should get you fired.

As for the second part of that little excerpt, the Cardinals, after missing out on AJ Burnett, have offered Morris arbitration, meaning the Giants chances have essentially evaporated. I’ve also read, (coincidentally, I guess), that the Giants have no interest in trading for Javier Vazquez, Jeff Weaver, or signing Kevin Millwood. Why? because they all make, or want to make, real money, that’s why.

Sabean, clearly working under very strict financial constraints, decided to sign another pretend player, the Padres first-baseman Mark Sweeney, to replace JT Snow, who, along with Brett Tomko, was given his walking papers, (finally).

Great, let one no-bat first baseman leave and replace him with a guy who is arguably worse. Oh, and of course, Sweeney is 36-years old. But hey, he sure can hit. An 11-year career that includes 35 career home runs, and 195 career RBI. Finally, a real first baseman. More of the same bullshit signings from the Giants.

Oh, and in one of the press releases I read, Sabean is quoted as saying that the Giants saved a million dollars a season on the Worrell deal by letting him go. Yeah, good, solid logic there. Two seasons of almost 70 blown saves for a team trying to get the last possible greatness out of Bonds to save $2 million. Throw a million dollars away to downgrade your relievers, throw $18 million dollars at an aging, declining and soon to be out of baseball Kirk Reuter, throw away $5 million dollars on Neifi Perez, throw away two seasons to save $2 million dollars on Tim Worrell, and then tell us you can’t afford to sign real players and real pitchers ’cause your mortgage payments are too high, something we know isn’t true, by the way.

That’s called lying to your constituency, or in the case of the Giants, your clientele. Generally, not good for business. Ready to pony up the cash for 2006 season tickets yet?

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