…. Lupica plays it small

I find it hard to believe that Mike Lupica had nothing to write about this morning. I find it hard to imagine that the NFC East showdown between the NY Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles doesn’t have enough important issues and sidelines running through it, what with the T.O. saga, McNabb’s injury, Eli Manning, etc.. Or if that’s not interesting enough, I guess he could have written about the NY Yankees poorly thought-out decision to pursue Brian Giles to solve their centerfield problem, ignoring the fact that the Mets were shopping, and eventually giving away Gold Glove centerfielder Mike Cameron right there in front of them. Back to football, he could have written about how the Jets went from Super Bowl contender to lottery-bound in the span of about seven minutes. Ot how about the Knicks battle between Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury?

But with all that, and about a million other issues surrounding the 9(Nine!!) sports teams in the NY metropolitan area, Lupica decided that he needed to focus his attention somewhere else; somewhere as far away from where he lives and works as he could find and still stay in the United States. He decided that his lead story today had to be a re-hash of his never-ending Barry Bonds attack pieces.

…. Bonds, back now from one of the slowest healing knee injuries on record, isn’t going anywhere, at least until he leaves the game for good, leaves us with our doubts, or the firm belief that he did it, and might be still doing it. That he might be a step ahead of the testers the way he is a step ahead of all other players, with some concoction of human growth hormone, for which there still is no reliable test, and just enough testosterone that it doesn’t reach the threshold of a positive test.

We don’t know for sure and might never know for sure.

Unbelievable. I’d be interested to know how a columnist of Lupica’s stature gets away with this kind of crap. We’ll never know, but everything he’s done is suspect.

Here’s an idea; Bonds is innocent of any wrongdoing. After all this time, after Bonds’ leaked testimony, after a grand total of one person has come forward and directly accused Bonds of telling them about using steroids, after three years of testing, after the men who were in position to come forth and put Barry Bonds’ in the hot seat in exchange for their own freedom did not do so, after the US Government wasted probably more than $30 million dollars going after Bonds directly and indirectly…. After all that, Lupica and the rest of these Joe McCarthy’s have exactly what they had four years ago: innuendo, speculation and opinions.

Bonds is no angel. He’s obviously one of the prima donna’s in baseball history. He’s made lots of enemies in the media, and, boy oh boy, they’ve made him pay. At this point in time, he deserves more. He deserves somebody in the mainstream media coming forth and telling the truth. The truth is, after all this time and all the money spent and all the people trying to prove that he used steroids, they’ve got nothing.

As for Lupica and his think alikes, right now, they all look the same, a lot like Detective John Mackey at the end of Dolores Claiborne.

…. Look. It’s been 18 years. I don’t know what this has done to you, but let me tell you, it’s consumed me. I have lived with this every day of my life. Every day. I was wrong and I won’t do it any more. And if I can say that, my God, can’t you? (Selena St. George)

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