…. Loser

What a disgrace. Blowing 3-0 and 5-3 leads in the most important game of the season, Tomko should be ashamed of himself. If I was his teammate, I’d punch him in the mouth.

UPDATE: Is this agonizing or what?

UPDATE: Unbelievable. Here’s an idea…. Don’t have a ninety-year old pitching to the most important hitter of the season.

UPDATE: So, I guess this isn’t one of the twenty games JT Snow’s saving for us this year.

UPDATE: That was great.

UPDATE: Here’s the recap. It hardly does justice to the reality of the complete failure of Brett Tomko, or, for that matter, Felipe Alou. Tomko’s failure, his inability to hold not one, but two separate leads, his failure to get the leadoff batter out in any inning he pitched tonight, his utter and complete fumbling of his one opportunity to wipe clean the slate of a disgusting, dissappointing, deflating and demoralizing 7-15 season from hell, probably dooms his intentions to remain a Giant, and has certainly doomed the Giants of any real shot to make the last week of the season reasonably interesting.

He failed. He let himself, his team and the city of San Francisco down. The Padres were reeling, down 3-0 before they could even begin to think about how tough it was to watch Trevor Hoffman blow a save for the first time in 5 months…. And don’t you believe the bullshit the Padres are saying on Sportscenter, about how they knew all along they were the better team, blah, blah,blah. They were on the ropes after Bonds went yard, big-time. They were folding.

All Tomko needed to do was get the leadoff batter in the first, and he had ‘em, 1-2 count, throwing 97 MPH. All he needed to do was shut them down, right then and there, game over, season’s worth of pressure on the Padres. Instead, he couldn’t throw strikes, couldn’t throw anything but BP fastball’s, couldn’t do his job!!!, and once again, the Giants, as a team failed. I’ve said it before…. Starting pitching’s great, nobody hits…. get a lead, bullpen blows up…. need an out, somebody makes an error….

And don’t even get me started on Alou. Just like Game 7, instead of doing whatever was needed for the good of the team, he did the same thing Dusty Baker did. He allowed a fuckhead pitcher, a guy who had let the team down far more often than he had picked them up; he let a jerkoff like that blow a game, a game in which he should have been on a leash about as short as Alou’s attention span; but NO, Alou allows him to blow, not one, but TWO leads.

But wait. That’s not enough screw-ups for one game.

Miraculously, Alou and the Giants get another lead, and Alou brings in, of all people, Jeff Fassero to protect a one-run lead in the most important game of the year. And then, after watching Fassero fool nobody for 25 pitches, he gets lucky, and gets what should have been the third out of the inning, a soft grounder to the King of the Infield… BUT NO!!!! The King of the Infield, the Run-Saver (a player Sabean thinks is so amazing defensively that the Giants can approach a 162 game season knowing that they will allow about 30 more home runs from the first base position than they will hit) makes perhaps the most devastating error in the history of the franchise, leaving the bases loaded and two outs…. Then, Felipe Alou allows Fassero to go one more batter with THE BASES LOADED and a one-run lead in a game that the Giants ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT AFFORD TO LOSE, NO MATTER WHAT….

What a horrible, devastating, un-fucking-believable way to lose the most important game of the season. I can’t believe I allowed myself to get sucked in again. Unbelievable.

UPDATE: Sorry about the F-bombs. I was really ticked off, and I’m not taking them out, ‘cuz they were the truth.

Winn as a Kent-type acquisition? He’s been scorching for quite a while. If he’s even 85% this good over the long haul, we’ve solved our centerfield problem. Tomko? Listen, it’s on the manager. Tomko seemed like he was ready for the pressure of last night, but Alou needed to treat the game like an elimination game. Once the Giants regained the lead, there was no way Tomko should have been allowed to go one batter past his first baserunner. And to allow Fassero to handle a bases-loaded situation, with a one-run lead…. Absolutely unforgivable.

Here’s Tomko:

…. I missed with two-strike pitches more than anything, I was right on the edge, threw some pitches that were close to the plate, but didn’t get the call. I wasn’t wild, even if I didn’t have a clue where the ball was going. I got people where I wanted them, made mistakes, and they capitalized on them. I finally got some runs, and I didn’t hold up my end of it. That was disappointing.

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