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Let’s talk some more about injuries. The Giants pitching staff, under Alou, has had a run of injuries almost unheard of in the modern game. The Giants have not had one starter make all of his starts the last two seasons, and as far as I can tell, not one reliever has failed to need time on the DL either. This is on Alou, Alou and Righetti.

They cannot judge when a player needs time off, or when a pitcher has reached his pitch limit, or how to organize and manage the bullpen, even in today’s game with the thousands and thousands of hours of independent research and study being done in an effort to answer those questions. Now we read about Scott Munter will likely miss the rest of the season.

…. When Alou was asked if he expected Munter to be that good that soon, he said, “If you remember my words as soon as I saw him the first time in spring training, yes, I did. I hope he stays healthy. He pitched a lot of games between Triple-A and the big-leagues.”

I hope he stays healthy. That says it all. As far as Alou is concerned, players “get injured,” sort of like in the good old days, when a guy had a sore arm and they rubbed liniment on it.

Ignoring commonly accepted precepts about reliever use, or pitch counts, Alou simply uses players like the Giants are a video game. The only time he doesn’t put his son in the lineup is when Stan Conte tells him he’s injured. Otherwise, Alou thinks nothing of playing him 25, 30 days in a row. He thinks nothing of having guys warming up, game after game, from about the fifth inning on. He thinks nothing of allowing Lowry to throw his 115th pitch in a two men on, two outs in the 7th inning situation, and the next night using 5 relievers to get four outs.

You will notice that it may have taken me some time to get it clear in my head, (I. Been. BUSY!), but that time has come; Alou is no longer capable of managing this team, and almost certainly has to be assigned the lion’s share of the blame for the shoddy pitching we’ve seen for most of the last two seasons, not to mention the simply staggering number of games lost to injury by just about every member of the team.

Since Sabean is not known for making changes without considering the possibilities that a glacier may or may not have moved; it’s likely we won’t see Alou replaced until he is ready to leave; which is unfortunate. I cannot see how the team can remain healthy (and consequently, remain in contention), with a manager who apparently has no idea about the demands of the modern game.

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