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So the Giants traded two young players for another veteran, finally getting centerfielder Randy Winn, whom Brian Sabean has coveted for a couple of seasons now. By sending Torrealba and Foppert to Seattle for Winn, Sabean lets us know in which direction the team’s braintrust is leaning.

…. “It probably awoke us to the fact that while you consider the run we need to stage as the games tick off is improbable, now seeing what’s going on on top of us, it seems possible. I think this is the only time you look at the games behind versus your record.”

Typical Sabean. Barely intelligible comments, supported by barely defensible decision-making.

Sabean has already proven that he and Dick Tidrow and Righetti and Alou think that wins and losses are all you need to determine whether a pitcher is effective or not, (a line of thinking that has been disproved and, quite frankly, ridiculed by most knowledgable SABR-heads for going on two decades). By trading Foppert, the Giants have thrown away another of their highly-touted pitching prospects after completely mismanaging the early stages of his career much the same way they handled Ainsworth, Williams, Foppert, Nathan, Aardsma, etc. The list of “can’t miss” kids the Giants have yo-yo-ed into injury and ineffectiveness and then discarded is growing perilously long; it only follows that the Giants will watch more of these pitchers develop somewhere else, a la Joe Nathan.

Throwing Torrealba into the mix is also indefensible. I can’t believe the Giants considered a fast, defense-minded, 26-year old catcher a worthless commodity, but that’s pretty much how they treated Torrealba. Between the AJ and Matheny signings, and now this trade, our home team has filled in all the blanks. Developing young players is not what this team is going to do, end of story.

If you’re gonna make it out of the minors onto the Giants, you’d better follow in the footsteps of Lowry or Benard. If you can’t come out of Triple AAA and run out a nice 10 game winning streak, or a two month home run binge, your chance of staying in the majors is essentially zero. Which is to say, the Giants have no idea whatsoever how to develop young players.

So, the boys in orange and black are still in play for the postseason, according to “I am not an idiot” Sabean. A team that is 14 games under .500 is just 4 games back in the loss column, as the 2005 NL West champion will almost certainly become the first losing team to make the playoffs in baseball history.

All I can say is wow, like totally dude. I guess a first-round sweep by the Cardinals is preferable to improving your chances for 2006.

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