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The Giants have a chance for the series win against the best team in baseball, after Brad Hennessey’s seven shutout innings. The 2-0 win puts the Giants in an enviable position, as not too many teams have been winning series’ against the Cards lately. Manager Felipe Alou seemed pretty impressed by Hennessey’s outing:

…. “So, what about Hennessey, the mystery starter? He looked like a different guy on the mound, more relaxed. We owe it to that guy to give him a little more credit, more than a guy used for emergency. The way he threw, he looked professional today. It was especially impressive against that team. I’d like to make him a starter in the second half. We’re going to wait until after the break because Hennessey was not one of the guys we were considering before, so we’ll have to assemble again and talk about it.”

So here’s a great chance to do something more than just criticize the Giants brass after they make a decision.

Let’s say they decide to give Hennessey the ball the rest of the way, let him work his way through the league the whole second half, and see what happens. Has he shown enough to produce? He threw seven innings of shutout ball today, but he only struck out 2, meaning he got 19 of his 21 outs through the work of his defense, which is not exactly stellar. Heading into today’s start, he’d averaged 5.79 strikeouts per 9 innings, and 1.45 strikeouts per walk, pretty mediocre numbers really. Add in his .318/.390/.517 .907 OPS against….

I’d say that, barring some miraculous change in his mechanics and/or demeanor that Alou seemed so enamored of….

Brad Hennessey has just about no chance to be anything more than a league average pitcher.

He’ll fit in nicely with the rest of the Giants pitching medicority, but his success today should hardly be attributed to anything more than luck, and should the Giants decide to alter their post All Star plans because of it; you can rest assured that they will earn the wrath of this writer and many of my more well-read readers.

There. No one can accuse me of hindsight when I rip Sabean and Alou for wasting 15 starts on Hennessey, or more worrisome, listing him as some untouchable Giant in trade talks.

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