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Jim Adams says that Felipe Alou is breaking his balls:

…. I have no idea whether Alou’s quick hooks and incessant pitching changes demoralize the pitchers, but as a fan I say they are just irritating as hell to sit through. In every Giants game the 6th through the 9th innings involve constant interruptions as Alou waves in pitcher after pitcher as mid-inning replacements. Watching Eyre, Munter, Christiansen, Walker, Hawkins et al. warm up has approximately half the entertainment value of your typical “According to Jim” episode; and watching three or four of these guys warm up in one half inning is less fun than watching a Pauley Shore film festival.

Bill James has suggested that baseball pass a rule limiting the number of pitching changes teams can make. If they ever seriously consider this proposal, then Alou’s handling of the Giants staff will be Exhibit A about why this is a good idea. It’s not fair to make the fans sit through this nonsense. And don’t tell me that limiting pitching changes would cut down on the “strategy” of the game; bringing in Scott Munter in mid-inning to face Matt Stairs because this match-up is better than Jason Christiansen versus Angel Berroa isn’t strategy, it’s Rotisserie Baseball run amok.

It’s worse than that, it’s torture. James point was part of an overall list of suggestions on how to speed the game up, something that was a hot topic at the time. He likened the foolish rule change suggestions that Selig and his crack committee had come up with, to some basketball rules, or football rules, which change constantly in order to prevent teams or players exploiting any advantage they could find in a rule towards their own ends, in opposition with either the game or the fans best interests.

Alou’s pitching changes, given the talent he is calling forth batter by batter, are ludicrous. They insult my intelligence, because to expect me to believe that there is even one guy in the bullpen far more likely to get somebody out than another borders on insanity. And they make an already boring game unwatchable. But that’s me. One commercial after another in the 7th inning of a game in which the Giants have blown like three leads, or are being shutout 6-0 is worse than bamboo shoots under my fingernails.

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