…. Hypocrisy, ad infintum

If there were any doubt about the true intentions of our ‘fearless leaders’ in Congress, it’s gone now:

A third congressional committee opened an investigation into steroids in U.S. sports, asking Major League Baseball, the NBA, NFL, NHL and their unions to turn over documents about their drug programs.

…. “The more the merrier. This is an important issue, and we’re glad other committees agree,” said Dave Marin, spokesman for Government Reform chairman Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican.

The more the merrier. As opposed to, the waste of time. Or, the waste of taxpayers money. Or, the bullshit we are using to distract you from the fact that we do nothing but suck at the corporate teat and lie. Or, the easiest way to get our names in the papers.

Not one of the men and women involved in these ‘investigations’ has one time evinced a desire to either know what the hell they are talking about, or act like they care to learn; swinging from baseless accusations to pointless scoldings, from ridiculous declarations of ‘toughness’ and ‘uncompromising integrity’ to cliche’d assertions of ‘protecting the children.’

They should all be ashamed of themselves, everyone of them. This country is going to hell in a handbasket right now; the list of true ‘scandals’ these absolutely useless morons should be trying to do something about is essentially endless; corporate wrongdoings, the environment, Iraq, the increasing political power of the religious right…. I am hardly qualified to even know a tenth of what’s really in need of ‘investigation’ by the men and women who are paid money by you and me to protect our interests.

I am, however, qualified to know that these important issues are being ignored while the grandstanding goes on.

UPDATE: Michael O’Keefe of the NY Daily News comes thisclose to cutting and pasting from OBM in today’s editorial. ;-)

Dozens of witnesses – jocks, commissioners, union bosses, medical experts, grieving mothers – have appeared at an endless series of congressional hearings on steroids in sports. But America’s lawmakers overlooked two of the nation’s biggest experts, Greg Stejskal and Bill Randall.

Stejskal and Randall are the two FBI agents behind Operation Equine, the landmark steroid investigation that led to 70 convictions in the early ’90s despite lukewarm support from their superiors. Operation Equine targeted big-time dealers, not athletes, but as the Daily News reported in March, the names of hundreds of athletes – including Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco – came up during that investigation.

A decade later, important members of the House of Representatives have decided that ridding sports of steroids is the most important issue facing the nation. So while millions of Americans go without health insurance and a bloody war continues in Iraq, our leaders conduct marathon blabfests that give congressmen the opportunity to profess love of sports, disdain for steroids and plead, like Rev. Lovejoy’s wife on The Simpsons, “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?”

That’s some tasty crumpets.

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