…. What!?

According to this tiny press release, Bonds may miss the whole season! At the least, he is saying that he won’t be back until mid-season. I’m looking for more info right now. Here’s an earlier article that talks about him slowing down after this latest surgery, but no one quoted here seems too concerned. And here’s another article in which Bonds says he’s tired and may miss the season.

Hopefully what we’re looking at is Bonds just being bitchy and tired. I sure hope so.

Peter Gammons thinks the Giants can win without Bonds, something so ludicrous it hardly deserves comment. The Giants were 18-28 without him last season, and since he’s missed only a handful of games the previous four or five seasons, we really have no idea what they can do without him; other than to say he’s been the MVP THE LAST FOUR SEASONS!!!!!

Let’s be serious. If Bonds misses even the first thirty games, the Giants will be lucky to be 15-15. This is what Giants fans are facing with the oldest starting lineup in baseball history.* Older players get injured more, take longer to heal, and are more susceptible to re-injury, obviously. Not to mention, they see their skills decline, sometimes rapidly (like the just-retired Roberto Alomar).

This team cannot win without the best hitter alive, no team could.

Check out El Lefty Malo, and Westwood Blues, and our very own Biased Giants Fanatic for some catharsis.

* I don’t know that for sure, by the way, and not to be lazy, but I don’t feel like looking it up

Update: Watching ESPN, I suddenly got the feeling that Bonds is messing with everyone. Just seeing how much his comments have everyone’s panties in a bunch makes me think that he knew exactly what he was doing, that he did it deliberately, and that he’s sitting somewhere laughing. Perfect revenge.

By the way, isn’t it great, the way these players are treated? One minute, they can do no wrong, and the next, they are the Anti-Christ. Unbelievable.

Oh, and I read your backtalks. I believe that Bonds’ true contribution to the team is only partially measurable. To me, his wins shares and runs created and value over replacement and all that are useful tools; but he is such an outlier that I just don’t think the numbers can do justice to his real impact. I mean, with him in the lineup, the Giants were 73-43, a .629 winning percentage, only the Cardinals did better last season. Without him, they were 18-28, a .391 winning percentage.

I sent an email to Will Carroll, and he says to look for an Under the Knife column tomorrow.

Update, Part II: I know it’s a different subject, but Larry Borowski would have had Mark McGwire for the hearing.

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