…. Keep it continuous, Part II

Thanks to the backtalkers for their support of my unconventional views. Indeed, as I rant and rave over the lack of journalistic integrity, effort and investigation offered by most of the mainstream sports journalists and talking heads covering my little world of baseball, over at the NY Times, they are talking about bloggers, (you know, people like me), getting people fired.

Actually, this piece, written by Katherine Q. Seelye, was published a few days ago. Katherine notes that bloggers can now claim responsibility for the firings and/or resignations of two prominent newsmen, Dan Rather and Eason Jordan.

…. Steve Lovelady, a former editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Wall Street Journal and now managing editor of CJR Daily, the Web site of The Columbia Journalism Review, has been among the most outspoken.

“The salivating morons who make up the lynch mob prevail,” he lamented online after Mr. Jordan’s resignation. He said that Mr. Jordan cared deeply about the reporters he had sent into battle and was “haunted by the fact that not all of them came back.”

So basically, Jordan was quoted as saying the US military had targeted reporters, and some guy blogged his comments, and they were blown out of proportion, and Jordan resigned.

Well, I don’t understand why he would resign. Isn’t there anyone out there who can devise a strategy of dealing with a hostile press (or hostile blogosphere, for that matter) that works? I guess not.

Anyway, as a pretty hard-core liberal myself, I guess it’s up to me to let you in on a little secret. Underneath this story is something you can’t find at the Times.

The writers who are blogging these guys out of jobs are hard-line conservatives, and they are using any and all means to attack anyone with a liberal background. Any chink in the armor, any mistake or poorly thought out comment or press release, and bang! The piranha’s swoop in for the kill. Dan Rather allowed himself to be protrayed as a fool, but make no mistake, there are dozens of conservatives in the media taking far more liberties with the truth. FOXNews offers virtually nothing but people who follow the Rush Limbaugh school of fact-finding; repeat until true. They aren’t being driven out, and they won’t be.

The conservatives are too well-organized, they have too many people in too many places. They are a well-oiled machine, and they are dominating public discourse and public policy right now.

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