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Susan Mullen asks a couple of pointed questions in the backtalk to my latest steroids post, so instead of writing her an email, I thought I’d put up a quick reply. She writes:

I thought that Barry did say in the court appearance that he used a cream. He said at the time he used it, he didn’t realize it was a steroid. Separately, just for the record, no amount of lifting weights will account for the big puffed up face that users get. Take a look at tape of Bonds’ face a few years ago vs. now. That tell-tale sign is not often mentioned.

Susan, I’m assuming you’re new to OBM, cause I’ve covered each of your questions at some point. Nonetheless, the questions you raise are important, and I am a stickler for facts, so here goes:

In Bonds’ testimony, he never once admits to using steroids. He said he used a cream and a “clear” liquid recommended to him by Greg Anderson. Reporters have inferred that he is referring to the “cream” and the “clear,” and are writing as though he, in fact, admitted to using those anabolic agents. There can be no doubt that Bonds has denied ever using steroids, HGH or any other anabolic aid every single time he has spoken about it.

As for tell-tale signs of steroid use, true experts in the field know that the signs you are referring to are almost always present only when dealing with virtually overdose levels of usage; like what the East German women’s swm team of the 1980′s were doing, or what some professional wrestlers have been cited for. Massive, almost poisonous amounts of steroids produce those kind of effects. Careful, monitored use of steroids happens ALL THE TIME, with no such effects. My grandmother is on a steroid cycle, (for crying out loud), to help her body regenerate tissue as she grows older. The idea that the changes in Bonds’ face, head or body are due to steroid use in absurd. Even if he were using for the last five years, right up to now; he would have been doing so under the most careful and regimented system, and he would be experiencing virtually no side effects under that kind of plan.

Oh, and by the way, I am an idiot. I thought I had added Bat Girl to my roster of links many moons ago, but alack and alas, I had not. Lisa, please excuse my idiocy, and accept my insertion of you into my 25 man roster as my way of expressing my remorse. You rock, and thanks for stopping by OBM.

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