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David Pinto noticed my post on the Giants finances, and threw in his two cents.

I suspect the Giants have pretty good cash flow numbers, also. They fill their park and Giants jersey’s and hats have always been popular. With interest rates low, I suspect they’ve greatly reduced their debt service over the last few seasons. San Francisco has never had a world championship in baseball, and the franchise has not won a title in 50 years. The new Red Sox ownership knew they had an obligation to their fans to deliver a trophy to the town; the Giants, Indians, White Sox and Cubs have that same obligation to their long suffering fans. It’s a good time for the Magowan and company to take out that home equity loan.

My feelings exactly. It’s one thing to sit there and say that you are committed to fielding a championship contender year after year, but only under the condition that you don’t exceed some financial limitations. That’s fine if you’re a team that has given your long-suffering fans something to hang their hats on. The Mets, for crying out loud, won a title 18 years ago. Do they have some leeway as they stumble around for going on two decades? Compared to the Giants they sure do. There comes a time when all of the good intentions in the world amount to a hill of beans. Contending year after year is great, don’t get me wrong. But this Giants organization has gone backwards, and they’ve done so when they’ve had the chance to capitalize on the greatest player to ever put on spikes.

Bonds’ run to history is coming to an end, and this Giants team is far less impressive than the one that came within 9 outs of a title in 2002. Finances have been given as the reason that many of the key components of that team are elsewhere, and finances are the reason their replacements are so weak.

Why not push for a title right now? Why not? After Bonds retires, if you’ve won a title, (jeez, even if you fail) you can drop your payroll for a couple, three seasons, and presto, you’re right back where you would have been. Instead, (with so many of the NL teams they are competing with making one blockbuster deal after another) the Giants are facing the very real possibility that they will watch Bonds make history again, and then watch the playoffs from home. As David points out, Steinbrenner could get a massive loan from almost any bank in the world right now, I guarantee you Magowan could do the same. One bat could make all the difference in the world right now, and Carlos Beltran is still waiting for a call. 50 years is long enough.

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