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Over at El Lefty Malo, the boys have been running a position by position preview/analysis, (and doing a terrific job at it, by the way). Using some of the newest tools, they’ve come to the conclusion that the Giants would have to eat about $10 of the remaining $15.5 million Alfonzo is owed ($7.5 in ’05, $8 in ’06).

Without even looking, I’d agree with them on what I’ve seen the last two seasons, a player who seems to be a Livan-I’ll get in shape during spring training-type of player. That’s clearly up to each individual, how they decide to ready themselves for the season, but a player with a back injury history that doesn’t have the drive to remedy their situation…. Me, personally, I don’t have a spot on my team for that kind of player.

The contract Sabean gave him completely hamstrings the team, he is untradable, and he is one of the worst third baseman in the league. Oh well, add his deal to the list; now headlined by Rueter and Vizquel.

Just because it’s something I cannot forget, let me remind everyone that over the last six seasons, while the Giants have remained but one or two players from a championship year in and year out; they have paid out almost $100 million dollars for production that could have been had for something like 20 percent of that cost. This is a pattern of action that continues through today. No sooner do the Giants get out from under a bad contract, they are immediately under another. Finished with Snow and Benard’s horrible deals, [Bam!], Nen’s deal costs them two seasons. No sooner do they find themselves about to be finished with Nen’s deal, [Bam!] the Alfonzo and Reuter deals start to haunt them.

The sad part is that these were deals that did not have to be made, deals that were obviously huge risks the minute the ink was dry.

Overpaying for intangibles like veteran leadership or experience or toughness, while failing to aquire the reliever or hitter needed to make the next step towards a championship…. this is Sabean’s legacy to date.

If Bonds’ were a Yankee or a Cardinal these last ten seasons, Sabean would have been fired (with cause) long ago. Instead, we constantly read about how the Giants have been in contention the entire time he’s been the GM. That’s called happenstance, being in the right place at the right time. To attribute the Giants run of contention to anything but Bonds is a fools game.

Over at the SF Chronicle, you can read about how the Giants aren’t worried about going into the season with essentially the same outfield and infield, save Vizquel. Why? Because they can’t afford any of the players who would really make a difference, that’s why. Whose fault is that?

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