…. Smooth, but not rich

Or smart. Or helpful. Or honest.

That’s how I would characterize Brian Sabean’s efforts to upgrade the teams absolutely laughable pitching staff. Shawn Estes? That’s the pitcher we’re going to make a trade for to help our battered pitching staff? That is flat-out ridiculous!!!!

What the hell is going on with this team? Who is running this train wreck? First Ricky Ledee, and now Shawn Estes? Here’s Shawn Estes:

163.2 IP 185 H 112 R 23 HR 85 BB 95 SO 6.05 ERA

Estes is a prototypical BBTL player. In 1997, he went 19-5 and put up a stat line that looked like this:

201 IP 162 H 80 R 12 HR 100 BB 181 SO 3.18 ERA

Since that season, his ERA’s look like this:

5.06, 4.92, 4.26, 4.02, 5.10, 5.73, 6.05

In the seven seasons since his big year, he has pitched for five different teams, five different sets of brass that have paid him in an effort to get a repeat performance, one that stands out of his career results like it glows in the dark.

That’s the help we need? Estes ranks 49th out of the 50 pitchers listed on’s stats page. He’s allowed the most runs in the national league. That’s right, he has THE MOST RUNS ALLOWED IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE!!! Sure, go get him. He’ll round out a Giants rotation that has proven to be one of the worst in the Sabean era, and the worst of any the playoff contenders. Rueter has allowed 94 runs, which is the 8th most runs allowed in the league, Tomko has allowed 88, good for the 12th most. The only reason some of our other guys aren’t among the top twenty most runs allowed is because they haven’t pitched enough.

Do you know what the Giants placing waiver claims on Jeremy Burnitz and Shawn Estes means? It means that the teams’ brass has decided lying to the fans is all they’re willing to do anymore. They’re saying, screw it, who cares what the fans are saying, or doing. Just keep pretending we actually have a general managers office whose job it is to put together a championship team. The Giants have regressed into the island of misfits, the place where the players nobody else wants end up. We have a pitching staff made up of an Uber-pitcher, and a bunch fourth and fifth starters, a pile of relievers picked up off the waiver wires. This is a pitching staff that just finished a seven game road trip with an cover your eyes awful 3 2/3 innings per start performance.

We have an infield that looks like this:

At third base, we have a guy who is a shadow of his former All Star self, a player who has lost 250 points of slugging in the last three seasons making $6 million dollars. At shortstop, we have a guy who was released by a last place team. At second base, we have a man who has no position, two many stone-handed plays to be a legitimate second baseman, but no real talent for tracking flyballs, and too much ego to make the switch to help the team; all the while cashing a $7 million dollar a year paycheck). At first base, we have a player who is in the midst of exactly the kind of twice in a career hot streak that earned him his last $24 million dollar deal, (you know, the one in which he hit 44 home runs in 4 years).

In the outfield, we have a center fielder who has spent his entire career with a flaw in his game that coaches and managers have been trying to get him to fix, one that he has refused to address for 17 years! Over in right field, we have whichever outfielder we pick up off the just released heap the last four years.

This is a team that has a 97% sellout average for the last four seasons. This is a team that plays in one of the pre-eminent cities in the world. This is a team that has the best player of all time, playing at his absolute peak of performance, whose ownership will not put out the kind of all-out effort the fans do, which means an owner who will not spend even a modest amount of extra money to do whatever it can to reward the fans and the city that has supported a team with NO CHAMPIONSHIPS IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE SAN FRANCISCO ERA!

Shawn Estes? Do me a favor, if you’re gonna quit, be a man. Stop pretending to care, and just quit. Trading some more of the crap you have in Triple A for a pitcher who has no business in a pennant race is the same as slapping me in the face with a fish.

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