…. Finally

The Giants finally beat the Padres. They finally picked up a game on the Dodgers (the first since July 9th). Jason Schmidt finally beat the Padres. Matt Herges finally saved a game again. Finally.

The time is now. Now. Sabean needs to pull the trigger. Get another pitcher. A starter, a reliever, who cares. Get an arm to help this beaten into submission pitching staff. These guys are exhausted, especially the bullpen. Sabean needs to get them some help. I say we need a starter, because we have too many 5 inning pitchers right now. Somebody who can go 7 innings with something resembling consistency will go a long way to making everybody in the pen better. Who goes, if he gets a starter? Move Hermanson into long relief…. Whatever. Do something, before the season is lost.

The Betting Fool asked for email responses to the following question: What do the Giants need to do some damage in the playoffs? Best responses are in his column, here’s my favorite:

The Giants need to act as realists. With their current roster, minor league system, and budget, considering the trade market and Giants front office policy, nothing the front office can do this year will substantially improve the Giants’ chances in the 2004 post-season. The 2004 Giants need a starter, a closer, and an RBI guy. That’s at least $15 million.

The Giants front office shows symptoms of disease. Sabean has earned praise for maintaining a decade of winning baseball in San Francisco. In reality, he has destroyed the natural order of team development in favor of dependable attendance figures. Trades favor overpriced veterans instead of promising minor leaguers. Reliance on older free agents stunts development of younger players. High roster turnover every year prohibits landmark free agent signings.

The artificially forced streak of winning seasons makes the draft a waste of time and money. Sabean knows what he’s doing; by limiting failure, he denies success. This aspect of front office policy receives little consideration because money, not a championship, motivates the GM and owners. — J.P.

I’d love to tell you all that’s me, but it ain’t. What it is, however, is an excellent analysis of the Giants front office flaws. The only defense for Sabean, the only one that matters, is that he is following a plan that was designed to do just that; ensure sellouts at the new ballpark for as long as Bonds is around. Sell the future for the present.

Here’s hoping Sabean sells the future one more time, and gets us the starter and hitter we need.

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