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Because if you do, he’s gonna sue! Yep, that’s the latest from Barry. He’s done dealing with innuendo and slander. He’s gonna have his lawyers start going after anybody who makes the kind of BS statements that Tim Montgomery did this week.

After the report in which Montgomery said that he had heard from Victor Conte that Bonds had been supplied with steroids, Bonds had this to say:

It bothers me when people I don’t even know are saying stuff about me. Next time, if I know for sure so-and-so, they’re going to talk to my lawyer from now on, I guarantee that. If any of them statements are true, they’re going to talk to my attorney, I guarantee that — in a lawsuit. … See you in court, brother.

He’s dead on. In that same article, Victor Conte’s lawyer, Robert Holley, reiterated that Victor Conte has, from the beginning of the scandal, stated unequivocally that Barry Bonds has never received any illegal substances. So there.

Update: In this NY Daily News piece, Holley is even more specific in his client’s position on Bonds:

As far as BALCO founder Victor Conte knows, Barry Bonds never received or used steroids, according to Conte’s lawyer. And if sprinter Tim Montgomery claims that Conte told him otherwise, then Montgomery is lying, according to attorney Robert Holley. “Our position has been from the beginning that Victor Conte has never given him steroids and never saw him take steroids, period,” Holley said. “That is an absolute fabrication.”

Holley goes on to say that the relationship between Montgomery and Conte was so strained that there would be no way Conte would have shared such intimate information with the sprinter. He also wants to know how Grand Jury testimony is finding its way into the papers. It’s perhaps the only legitimate news story in this whole sordid mess: Who keeps leaking steroids rumors defaming Barry Bonds? And, of course, that’s the one question no one seems to interested in writing about.

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