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…. Movin’ and shakin’

I may have neglected to add some new blogs during my own month-long road trip. Two of them share the spotlight in this post:

First up, The View from the Bleachers, which is running a World Series of Blogs feature. Noreworthy from OBM's perspective (we are nominated), but interesting in its own right. Go check out Joe's work, and when you vote in the NL West, be sure to punch your tabs for OBM. Bleachers is currently headlining my More Baseball section.

Also new in my Giants links section, Swingin' Amiss, covering the ins and outs of all things San Francisco. Go, now.

And sadly, we must say goodbye to the excellent work done by the Bench Coach, who can no longer find the time or energy to write about his beloved Dogers. We, of course, hate the Dodgers; but we respect any and all go

od writers. the Coach wil be missed. His place on my 25 man roster has been amply filled by the sharp as a tack, El Lefty Malo, who rejected my overtures to join the OBM staff, but still occupies a place in my heart. Congratulations, mi amigo!

Oh, one more thing…. Some of you may have arrived at OBM recently as a result of the outstanding feature article in the spring edition of the SBC Park, Giants mini-magazine, found (I believe) on the Club Level and in the Luxury boxes. If so, welcome. I hope you enjoy our work here, and the enthusiasm and energy with which we follow the boys in cream and orange. Please drop me an email or post my guestmap if you were turned on to OBM by the mag, I promised Carol I'd try to get an idea of what kind of response it generates.

Oh, and Carol; thanks a million. I just saw the piece, and I am stunned by how awesome you made my site look. Thanks thanks thanks.


…. Nine lives

And nine wins in a row for the Giants. Today's afternoon tilt featured the soon-to-be NL pitcher of the month, Jason Schmidt, dominating the Rockies to the tune of 11 strikeouts, two hits and 8 innings of shutout ball, as he led the Giants to a 3-1 victory, capping a perfect 6-0 homestand in which the G-men rose from the grave to climb over .500 a

nd into a pennant race. With Bonds and Grissom (the only hitters on the team batting above .300) watching from the dugout, the Giants saw Michael Tucker blast one into McCovey Cove, and Pedro Feliz reach base four times to generate enough offense to make Schmidt's gem stand up.

Now they embark on a season-long 14 game road trip, in which they'll see whether this streak is a mirage or a sign of what the team is really made of.


…. Eight is enough

For the Giants to get themselves to .500, after coming from behind to knock off the Rockies last night, 5-3 behind Yorvit Torrealba and Jerome Williams. With the National League's second to last offense, the Giants have still managed to give themselves a chance for a meaningful month of June.

The pressure is still on for GM

Brian Sabean to do something to bolster the lineup, but you can't say this team rolls over. Scrappy, tough, and hard-working, to be 24-24 at this point of the season, with Bonds producing almost nothing the entire month of May, Durham on the DL, a slew of players struggling to the Mendoza line, and no Robb Nen…. well, that's pretty damn good.

Here comes June, and a nice long road trip. We'll see what happens now.


…. Seventh heaven

The surging Giants got their seventh straight win, beating the Rockies 4-2 behind Superman's two out, two-run, walk-off hom

er. A game under .500, and 3 1/2 games out of first, the G-men are hitting their stride at just the right time, as they head into a long road trip when this series with Colorado ends.

Good God A-mighty, baseball baseball baseball.


…. Amazing, but true

Jayson Stark has a nice long in which he takes a look at what, (if any) impact the steroids testing program has had on offense this season. Lo and behold, there has been none!

And, for the first time, a nationally syndicated columnist has come out and said what you have been reading here for months; maybe, just maybe, the steroids craze is all BS. Here's Stark:

Steroids were way too convenient a one-stop explanation for the dawn of the powerball era. Which would me

an this was clearly the most overblown story since Ted Williams' trip to the cryogenic freezer.

He also quotes Gene Orza, an anonymous player and an anonymous GM with essentially the same take. To be fair, the season has just reached the quarter-pole; and I'd guess that steroids' effects should be more evident in August, as normal wear and tear slows players down, the 'juice' would keep 'em going.

Nonetheless, the early returns lean towards vindication for OBM, one of the lone voices of reason during the frankly hysterical frenzy during spring training.


…. I’m back

And so are the left for dead Giants, after last night's series sweeping 5-4 victory over the D'backs. The once fearsome rivals provided little resistance for the home team, as the Giants ran their record to 20-4 against Arizona over the last two seasons. With their sixth straight win

, the Giants moved to within two games of .500, and are but 3 1/2 games out of first place in the NL West. Not bad for a team that has but one pitcher with five wins, and has Neifi Perez among the team leaders in RBI.

The real surprise hero for the Giants resurgence has to be Pedro Feliz, who has a team-leading 27 RBI, and has forced Felipe Alou to find a spot for him in his everyday lineup card.


…. Odds & Ends

First of all, last week was the 10th week in a row with an increase in visitors. that is flat-out awesome. Thanks to all who've stopped by. Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers and web managers who've given OBM plugs and/or publicity of any kind. I am pretty damn excited to see my site growing, and just as proud as punch.

For first-timers, check out all the archives on the lower right-h

and side. Lots of good stuff there, especially from back in 2002, when the Giants were a couple of pitches away from a championship. Also of note, pin my guestmap, one of the coolest features I've ever put here.

Special thanks to Darren over at Baseball Primer, who picked up my fairly long post on Bonds' home run history and posted it on their site, which resulted in a huge boost for OBM.


…. Streaky

OBM's sister site, Tiger Blog, has a terrific feature, 1984 Diary, commemorating the Tigers historic wire to wire championship. Brian wondered in one of his posts, whether any team had put together a better 40 game run than that year's Tiger team; which came out of the gate at 35-5.

Using Baseball-Reference, I did some research, culling through the game logs of some of the obvious candidates; the 1998 NY Yankees, 2001 Seattle Mariners, 2002 Oakland A's, 1986 NY Mets, and the 1916 SF Giants, owners of a 26 game unbeaten streak…. The best any of these teams could do was the 31-4 run the A's put together around their 20 game streak.

The team

that out-streaked the Tigers was the 1906 Chicago Cubs (The Tinkers to Evers to Chance Cubs), who finished the season 116-36 (wow!). That year, the Cubs stood at 68-30 on August 4th, after a 7-4 loss to the NY Giants. From that point forward, the Cubs lost but 6 games the entire rest of the season, a 48-6 run that surely must be the finest extended run of baseball ever put together. That surge was highlighted by a 36-2 run, (12 game winning streak, a loss, 14 game winning streak, a loss, and a 10 game winning streak).

It should be noted that this was the first season for one of baseball's first true dynasty's, as the Cubs went on from '06 to post the best two season (223-81), three season (322-136), four season (426-185) and five season (530-235) win totals of all-time; an accomplishment unchallenged now for almost 100 years. That translates to a .692 winning percentage over a span of five years! Which happens to be one of the most amazing accomplishments by any team, in any sport, ever.


…. El Lefty Malo

Nice work by the boy from Guadalajara, who takes a look at what happens when Bonds reaches base.

I’ll steal a little of it, just cause it’s so damn bad:

.224/.254/.254 10 double plays

Boy, that’s not too good, is it?

…. A perfect ten

The Giants beat the Florida Marlins, baseball's hottest team, and Dontrelle Willis, baseball's hottest pitcher, by a 12-9 count yesterday. After falling behind 9-2 early, they rode the spark of 30-year old rookie

(You ever notice how often it is that you read that phrase in connection with the Giants?) Brian Dalimore's first career grand slam to a rousing come-from-behind win.

Also noted in the Chronicle article; the rift between AJ and the rest of the team was put to rest in a closed door meeting. Whew! That was a close one.


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