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I have been unable to post much lately, so it’s taken me a while to respond to Steve Bonner’s absolutely raving lunatic assault on myself and OBM recently. In this post, I pointed out that Mr. Bonner was echoing the (incorrect) media line that steroids are a harmful and danderous product that needed to be controlled. I used a quote from one of the many doctors who can be found here commenting about the danger, or lack thereof, involved in steroid use. In pointing out that Mr. Bonner “had it wrong,” I wasn’t positing my opinion, I was highlighting one of the many expert opinions that I have unearthered that directly contradict Mr. Bonner (and the mass media) claims, that steroids represent some major hazard.

Additionally, I stated that it is patently absurd to claim that the FDA as it operates today, is some bastion of safety for consumers. All one needs to do is listen to the list of side effects that accompany the numerous prescription drugs that are being advertised during the very broadcasts of baseball that we are watching. Not to mention the numerous cases of drugs that have been rapidly approved for use that have either killed or injured consumers.

Furthermore, Mr. Bonner has accused me of being hypocritical, in that I have at times stated that steroid use should be regulated, or that there are dangers. Well, I am guilty of that. There is no way children should be allowed access to steroids, and un-guided use by anyone is risky. I may have given the impression that my views are a bit wishy washy, as this is a daily blog, sometimes I put it out there asap, instead of fully formed. Nonetheless, I do not believe that steroid use is some great and worrisome tragedy, I do not believe that spurious innuendo should be the norm in the news coverage of the story, and I do not believe that further criminalization will provide one bit of control and/or suppression.

I am a cynic, and I am cynical of a society that chooses to control one type of drug, but not another. I am critical of anyone toe-ing the party line, and I believe this is the error that Mr. Bonner is guilty of. I still like his site, his writing; and welcome his input in the dialogue. I hope he’s not too mad at me though ;-)

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