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ESPN’s Page2 features several writers taking a look at the Barry Bonds/steroids issue. Well, actually, it’s one fairly well-written piece, one ridiculous “I hate Barry” rant, and two quips. From David Schoenfield, we get this:

You know how many times Bonds has hit 50 home runs in a season? Once. You know how many times he’s led his league in home runs? Twice. You know how many writers suggest Bonds is the smartest hitter in the game, that he knows which pitch is coming, that his eyes and patience allow him to wait for exactly the pitch he can drive out of the park, that what makes him superman isn’t all the home runs he hits, but the way he does it, despite drawing all those walks, which puts him on base a must-be-a-misprint more than 50 percent of the time? Very few.

But of course, nobody likes Bonds anyway — writers or opposing pitchers. So bring him down when you can. Say that he’s nothing without the drugs, nothing but a cranky, sour SOB, that deep in his soul he’s not this good, because nobody can really be this good, nobody can put up these softball numbers in the major freakin’ leagues.

Freak? Yes, Bonds is a freak.

Steroids? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just a man who regulates his body to optimal performance by staying away from those In-N-Out burgers that Jason Giambi craves so much. We don’t know, and surely Turk Wendell doesn’t either. Bonds has sculpted himself to his current frame from a lean 185 pounds as a rookie, and thus must be using steroids, as writers and talk-jock hosts love to point out? Means nothing. Look at Henry Aaron. When young, he was built exactly like a young Barry, long and lithe; by the time he was hitting No. 715, he had expanded and added bulk. All I know is that pitchers feared both Henry.

Asterisks next to all those records? Don’t even bother humoring us with that.

That’s pretty well put. I’ll leave it at that for now.

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