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Skip Bayless wonders why the Giants couldn’t have made a move to get A-Rod, especially given the amount of money the Rangers were willing to eat. In a way, he’s right. The early returns for the Yankees have been terrific, some 200,000 tickets sold since the annoucement, not to mention an almost uncountable amount of merchandise. And don’t forget that good old standby, publicity. For the $16 million per season that A-Rod is costing the Yanks, it’s a good bet that he’ll pay for himself many times over.

Given the Giants standing as a flagship franchise, there seems to be little doubt that the same would have been true here, and I’d bet he’d have been willing to come here to play with Barry. The only missing component would have been a player of the caliber and age of Soriano to make the trade. Neifi Perez and Tony Torcato would have hardly been worth it for the Rangers, so who would the team have had to part with to land him? How about Ray Durham? He’s just a bit older than Soriano, not too shabby as an offensive player, and in the same neighborhood cost-wise. Here’s a look at the last three seasons for each player:

Soriano .287/.326/.506 .832 OPS 95 HR 121 2B 266 RBI 319 Runs
Durham .279/.358/.454 .812 OPS 43 HR 106 2B 168 RBI 279 Runs

The runs batted in you can attribute in part to playing on the Yankees, one of the top offenses in baseball the last three seasons. Other than that, Soriano is obviously a bigger power threat, more of a marketable “superstar,” but all in all, not a bad match.

And then there’s the fact that, since Durham makes something like $6 million per,(just about what Soriano’s making, $5.8 Million) A-Rod would have cost the Giants only $10 million per, WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN STEALING!!!!. ($10 million for a 50 home run, 140 RBI, Gold Glove, MVP shortstop?!?! Arrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!! Why do I even allow myself to dream?)

There is no doubt that he would have generated that much and more in merchandise alone. Of course, that would have required some vision and risk and balls, something I’m afraid is in short supply at PacBell lately.

But just imagine it; the Giants could have moved Neifi to second (where his anemic bat would have been less of a detriment), left A-Rod at short (where he would have produced so many more runs than Perez, it would have been like having two players at the plate whenever he came up), and A-Rod would have been given the chance to cement his standing as the best ever shortstop. Oh, and the Giants would have then been well positioned for Barry’s retirement; as well as set up to contend for the ring with the second best offensive player in the game to complement Superman, right now!

Ah, well…. what are you gonna do? No vision, no long-term thinking. All we here about are money problems. Sometimes it seems like Magowan landed Barry by accident.

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